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Our Goals and Objectives.

Are to help our customers be successful by providing them with the best of our expertise, our skills, and our undivided attention when they call on us.  To DelEnergy, a customer is a valued relationship that needs the highest level of service we can provide.  By taking care of our customers, we trust that the relationship will benefit us both.

Consulting Services

DelEnergy provides consulting services targeted and focused around Power Plant profitability.  From basic Operations and Maintenance practices including Long Term Service Agreement unbundling and procedures through to heat rate, availability, reliability and output optimization.

Turbine Outage Kits

We Specialize in CI, HGP and Major outage consumable kits for most gas Turbine manufactures. We also sell Nuts, Bolts, Gaskets, Seals, x-fire tubes, bullhorn brackets and 1000's more specialty parts for Gas Turbines so give us a call with your requirements.



With CNC 3 and 4 axis Lathe and milling machines in-house we are able to make and manufacture high quality replacement parts both quickly and cost effectivly


We can absolutly turn your design into reality

New and Used Turbine Parts

Fuel Nozzles, Buckets, Blades, Vanes, Nozzles

Transitions, Liners, compressor blades, vanes, shims etc...